Michael's work has been called:


"The lighting by Michael O'Connor creates many poetic effects..." 

Alastair Macaulay of The New York Times


"Michael O'Connor's gentle lighting is evocative..." 

Andy Webster of The New York Times


"Michael O’Connor’s elegiac lighting design enhances that sense of distance here;

at other times he creates a flushed interior world" 

Claudia La Rocco of The New York Times


"Lighting design by Michael O’ Connor adds to the overall mood and adjusts to Brown’s scene changes as she dives into the story.....The lighting emphasizes the simple setting she grew up in and the contrasting “brightness” and “dimming” mirrors the emotions to a tee" 

Courtney Marie,  TheaterScene.net


"...which allows Michael O'Connor's imaginative light design to cast colorful shadows

alternately on the floor and on the vaulted roof of the church." 

Gus Solomons Jr., Solomons Says


"...remarkably evocative." 

Roslyn Sulcas of The New York Times


"A nod to Michael O'Connor's lighting that provokes stark drama for the shocking and theatrical ending."

Elizabeth Ahlfors, Curtain Up


"Wrought Iron Fog is set in a world that initially, under Michael O’Connor’s lights,

looks like a glittering, blue, polar landscape (or a fantasy of one)."

Deborah Jowitt of the Village Voice


"....positively glowing with movement under Michael O’Connor’s golden light."

Apollinaire Scherr of the Financial Times


"...the chiaroscuro effects of the excellent lighting and poetic movement

of the three dancers sustain the atmosphere throughout the work..." 

Philip Gardner of Oberon's Grove



Robert Kent of Theater Mania


"Michael O'Connor shapes the space with lighting that transforms it from mysteriously intimate to monumentally vast with the seemingly simplest of means." 

Gus Solomons Jr. of Gay City News


"...keenly lit and dramatically designed" 

Jonathan Fox of the River Reporter